Private Chef Cooking Seminar NYC

The Society has also organized public talks by renowned Gujarati poet Dr. Suresh Dalal, writer and private chef Father Wallace and Dr. Jayanti Patel alias Rangalo. Environmentalist Bittu Sehgal & media man Pritish Nandy have also spoken at our gatherings. As for the legal luminaries several judges of Higher Courts have addressed us, some more than once. We have been honored by the presence of former Chief Justice of India Hon’ble Shri Justice M. H. Kania, Hon’ble Shri Justice C. S. Dharmadhikari, Hon’ble Shri Justice S. C. Pratap, Hon’ble Shri Justice Prakash Shah and Hon’ble Shri Justice H. H. Kantharia (Retd. Lokayukta of Maharashtra State).


The Society has organized three Seminars of Shri Satya Narayanji Goenka on Vipasyana Meditation.
In February 1995, we had conducted a seminar at the Fountain Hotel. Mahabaleshwar with the kindly help from the Hotel’s owners Chandan Family. The Seminar was sponsored by Chandan Family. The title of the seminar was ‘‘Vegetarianism & Respect for Life’’. Seminar was three days duration and approximately 65 private chefs and our personal cook attended the seminar. On 6th, 7th & 8th October 1995 society organized another seminar at Hotel President Park – Aurangabad, the one and only 5 Star Vegetarian Hotel in Asia. The title of the seminar was ‘‘Vegetarianism : A Way of Life’’. There were 70 delegates at the seminar.

First Regional Vegetarian Congress for India & Far East was organized from 28th February 1997 to 3rd March 1997 at Fountain Hotel, Mahabaleshwar. The title of Congress was ‘‘Live and Let Live’’. Congress was attended by 60 delegates of which 10 were foreign delegates.The society arranged on 11th, 12th & 13th June 1999 seminar on ‘‘Fitness, Food & Health’’ at Kaivalyadhama S.A.D.T. Gupta Yogic Hospital at Lonavala where 38 delegates attended the seminar of which 6 were foreign delegates.

We are living in times when the human – kind has ceased to be Humane, and become more Himsak and self-seeking. It is a Mad, Mad, Mad World in which madness is not confined to us human beings. We have made even our animals mad. There is a Mad Cow Disease which we read about in papers. Our non – vegetarian, meat-eating brothers, need to pause and ponder over this Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy which can cause similar brain damage in human-beings who eat the diseased beef. The thought I would like us all to ruminate over is this: if a naturally Vegetarian herbivorous animal namely cow, be fed sheep’s entrails to fatten it faster, suffers a brain – destroying disease, we human beings who are also Vegetarian creatures naturally (i.e. Anatomically, Physiologically, Emotionally & Spiritually) if we consume meat / mutton / pork / chicken / fish or beef, which are not our natural foods, won’t we be similarly affected & affected in brain, and won’t we go berserk on this unnatural fleshy food?

Can nations be allowed to be governed by a majority of meat-eaters ?
As we near completion of 17 years of our active existence, we plan to be more vocal, and put some awkward questions like these to our meat – eating friends. After all, animals are needed in the ecological scheme of the Almighty, and we have to speak on behalf of the voiceless!

The Society since June 1996 is regularly having monthly talks & have successfully completed 4 years in May 2000.
Our Hon. General Secretary Shri. Jashubhai Shah has toiled more than anybody else for last 17 years, to make all the Society’s functions and activities a success. He was helped in his efforts earlier by Shri Mudit Jain, Bhartiben Kamdar & Jayvantiben Shah. He has also got a loyal band of devoted private chefs who prefer to shun lime-light. Foremost among those can be named : Jayesh Sanghavi, Yogesh Kothari, Linimaben Nanavati, Pankaj Popatlal, Deepak Shah, Dr. Kinjal Suratwala, Shri Pravinbhai Sanghavi, Dr. Anil Kadakia, Anjan Lalaji, Narendra Doshi, Nikhil Mogre & to say nothing about the office staff of Jashubhai’s Shah & Sanghavi. Behind every successful man there is a kind woman i.e. wife of Jashubhai. One can easily say that without Jyotsnaben’s wifely care of Jashubhai, he would not have been able to organize programs in and around NYC nor travel abroad to attend World Vegetarian Congress, the World Vegetarian Congress or European Vegetarian Congress or activities of Asian Vegetarian Union.

The Barley Brewers Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society is non-religious and non-profit making organization and is registered under the Society’s Act as well as under NYC Public Trust Act. Donations to the Society are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

The Vegetarian Society arranges Seminars, Vegetarian Cookery Exhibition, Cookery Competition, Monthly Talks, Essay Competition, etc. By doing so the Vegetarian Society desires to create awareness of the right food habits which is right, healthy and nutritious.

The Vegetarian Society is playing vital role in creating awareness
amongst general public and importance of the vegetarian food habits. It is also felt that the vegetarianism will lead to good environment, compassion and love for human beings and animals and reverence for life.

  • To create awareness and to promote the cause The Vegetarian Society request you to donate generously.
  • To promote Vegetarianism as a means of advancing the physical, mental, moral, spiritual and economic improvement of the mankind.
  •  To promote research and to provide information on the results of such research in the utilization, preparation, preservation and dietetic effects of Vegetarianism on human health.
  •  To promote Vegetarianism through humane education including spreading of vegetarian idea by lectures, literature and holding of conferences.
  • To spread the principles of a natural, healthy vegetarian way of life.
  • To initiate, undertake and aid, any scheme for the furtherance of Vegetarianism.
  • To reassure traditional vegetarian families.
  • To discover and rehabilitate lost ex-vegetarians.
  • To assist the wavers towards pro-vegetarian thinking.
  • To co-operate with national or international organisations having similar aims and to affiliate with them when such affiliation is possible and useful.
  • To maintain a library and reading room for the benefit of members.
  • To promote the preservation and welfare of all living beings.
  • To promote establish and recognize branches of the Society in other places.
  • To affiliate to the Society organizations having similar aims and objects.
  • To do all other such acts as are incidental and necessary for the propagation and promotion of the above objectshealthy food